Random Consumer Tips

(1) Looking for a calcium/Vitamin D chewable supplement that your kids will actually eat, and that’s sugar-free? It took me a long time to find these. I tried several other brands, and they were both sticky and loaded with sugar, and disliked by my kids. The ones I link to aren’t marketed for children, but I don’t see why they can’t eat them.

(2) Cheapest place to buy matzoh in D.C. area: Shoppers’ Food Warehouse, $1.99 for five pounds. Safeway has five pounds for $2.99. (My kids love matzoh, so we stock up at Passover for the entire year).

(3) Sea World Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa, especially the latter, are viable alternatives to Disney for little ones. My princess-crazy five year old actually liked them better than the Magic Kingdom.

(4) I’ve tried many of the places recommended by readers, and I still think Valentino’s has the best NY style pizza in the DC area, and I also like it much better that the New Haven style Pete’s Apizza. Highly amusing: Yelpers who go to Valentino’s having heard it has great NY pizza, and then expressing disappointment that the bbq chicken pizza wasn’t that great.

(5) A side-effect of the new credit card regulations seems to be a scramble among issuers to get high-value, high-income cardholders. They’ve been issuing amazing deals, which I follow at Gary Leff’s blog. So far, I’ve gotten 100K Membership Rewards Points from Amex Platinum, 150K miles (from two cards) from American Airlines, and more.

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