Lowering the Drinking Age

Glenn Reynolds argues today in the Wall Street Journal that decisions about the drinking age should be returned to the states, repealing the 1984 Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act, which set it at 21 as a condition for receiving federal highway funds, among other things.  I agree, and I agree particularly with the initiative undertaken by a group of college presidents to end the age 21 drinking age:

[O]ver 130 college presidents, as part of something called the Amethyst Initiative, have called for an end to the drinking age of 21. They note that the higher drinking age doesn’t stop college students from drinking, as anyone who’s been on a college campus in the past several decades knows. It does drive drinking out of bars and restaurants and into dorm rooms and fraternity houses, where there is less supervision from the non-intoxicated and less encouragement for moderation.

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