Attorney General Eric Holder on Paul Clement

BLT (The Blog of the Legal Times) reports:

“Paul Clement is a great lawyer,” [Attorney General Eric] Holder said today, addressing reporters at the Justice Department. “He has done a lot of really great things for this nation. In taking on representing Congress in connection with [the Defense of Marriage Act], I think he was doing that which lawyers do when we are at our best.” … “I think those who were critical of him for taking that representation — that criticism is very misplaced.”

Holder drew a comparison to the criticism, a year ago, that targeted Justice Department lawyers who defended Guantanamo detainees while in private practice. Conservatives then questioned the allegiance of Justice lawyers.

“The people who criticized our people here at the Justice Department were wrong then, as are people who criticized Paul Clement for taking the representation that is going to continue,” Holder said.

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