On the King and Spalding Matter, I’m with Ben Wittes

I hadn’t thought to say anything about the King and Spalding withdrawal of representation on DOMA, although I agree broadly with what other Conspirators have said.  Just for the record, though, I am one of the signers on the Ben Wittes letter in defense of the Guantanamo lawyers, and seeing that this comparison has become relevant – yes, I agree with Ben that it’s appalling in either case.  There are many people more visible and important than me who signed that letter – David Rivkin and Lee Casey, Brad Berenson, et al. – folks who have echoed Ben’s statements over at Lawfare, but for the record I just wanted to add my voice.

(I’m afraid I haven’t been blogging too much – a lot of driving back and forth in Virginia.  UVA has been wonderful and the folks here just great, faculty, students, administrators.  I’ve also been buried in work related to drones and targeted killing, on the one hand, and issues in financial regulation, on the other.  The school is two blocks from my apartment, the apartment is two blocks from the gym, and stores and restaurants four blocks away in Barracks Shopping Mall.  My wife says it’s ‘summer camp’; I prefer to call it ‘study hall’.)