Time to Wind Up the Libertarian Party?

With no less than three (!) likely or declared Republican presidential candidates who are broadly speaking in the libertarian camp–Mitch Daniels, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul–libertarian political activists should pick their favorite of the three and work for his nomination, rather than waste their time on energy on pursuing ballot access for an inevitably marginal Libertarian Party candidate. Even if none of those three candidates gets the nominations (Daniels seems to have the best chance), libertarians seem to have their best opportunity to influence the Republican Party’s direction since at least the Barry Goldwater campaign. Time for the Libertarian Party to fold shop?

UPDATE: Note that even if none of the three candidates noted above gets the nomination, or even comes close, the eventual nominee typically absorbs activists from competing campaigns into his. Let’s imagine that candidate Romney winds up with a campaign staff with 20% of so libertarians, who in turn get 20% or so of the plum political appointments in his administration. That would certain be an improvement over the Bush and Obama years, no?

FURTHER UPDATE: Ilya assessed Daniels’ libertarian bona fides here. And Daniels outs himself as a libertarian (at least by Charles Murray’s definition in What it Means to be a Libertarian) here.

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