Epistemic Closure in France

At the Monkey Cage, Eric Voeten reports on epistemic closure in France, particularly among French socialists.

According to a poll, 57% of the French public and 70% of French Socialists believe that Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) was the victim of a set-up (I couldn’t find a gender split on the numbers). The French have an admirably long history of political intrigue. Yet, it seems a bit rich for Socialists to overwhelmingly take the side of the wealthy powerful politician with a history of sexual abuse allegations against what appear to be quite credible allegations of a poor Guinean refugee. Our new favorite magazine has some theories as to why so many Frenchmen think DSK was framed.

C’mon. If DSK had been set up, we’d have found away to remove his golden parachute.