What Do You Wish Your Torts Professor Had Told You at the Beginning of the Course?

I’m preparing the reading packet for my Torts class this Fall, and wanted to make sure that it’s as helpful to students as possible. So let me ask you lawyers and law students this: What do you wish your Torts professor had told you at the start of class (or at the start of some portion of the class)? Are there torts concepts that you finally grasped later in law school, or later in practice, that you wish you had had clearly explained at the outset? Are there general legal concepts that you wish someone had told you at the start of your first semester? I’d love to hear whatever suggestions you might have.

As you might gather, I’m looking for material that’s actually going to be helpful to many of my students. “Quit law school and enter a more useful profession,” for instance, isn’t likely to qualify.

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