Anyone Familiar with Project Euler?

Not all of the Conspirators have the (eu)genes to have been computer science prodigies in our teen years.  But I have long wanted to learn something about (really, truly) elementary programming, but somehow never gotten around to it.  I read this article at the Atlantic on something called Project Euler and wondered if it might be the right thing for a total beginner who makes no claim to intuitively good math skills.  Does anyone know about this and think it might be the right thing for someone like me?

(Update: The comments have been very helpful in trying to find the right super elementary, beginner resource, and one thing is clear … Euler is too difficult for my level.  I’m sorting through the comments and finding them very useful – thanks.)

And the rest of my genuinely extracurricular projects for the summer are (and if I even get started on most of them, I’ll be very, very impressed with myself, particularly because my work plans are very pressing between now and when classes begin again):

  • Rev up my cello again, including my electric cello, after an 18 month hiatus following a shoulder injury – recovering two pieces of music that I had been working on back then, a cello transcription of a Buxtehude gamba sonata and an electric cello version of Santana’s Europa.
  • Spend 1 hour a day reading books that are important to my work but not directly related to anything I am writing at this very moment, with particular attention to virtue ethics, moral psychology, and the philosophy of value and valuation.
  • Go to God’s Own Country (that’s the Eastern Sierra to the rest of you) and hike and bike.
  • Lose 10 pounds.
  • Drop my daughter off at Rice University to start her freshman year.

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