Latin for election season

With Romney just having gotten to 30% on InTrade, I thought you might want to practice saying “Y’all were nominating Romney” in Latin: Nominabamini Romney.

UPDATE: This is what I get for carrying this around in my head for a long time and then typing it without thinking. What I meant was: either “Nominabamini, Romney”, meaning “Y’all were being nominated, Romney!” (I know the verb is plural and Romney is singular, but note that we here in the South also use “y’all” for the singular, which is why we invented “all y’all” for the plural); or, “Nominabamini a Romney” (Romney is indeclinable, so the ablative is unchanged), meaning “Y’all were being nominated by Romney.”

Also, note “eligenti Pawlenty” means “to the person electing Pawlenty”.

UPDATE 2: Commenter Byung Kyu Park suggests “Romnius” to Latinize the name. Now normally I wouldn’t want to do this, because the whole point of the exercise here is that “nominabamini” rhymes (more or less) with “Romney”. But hey, if we put in “Romnius”, then for the first option above, we’d put it in the vocative and get “Romni”, which comes out to the same thing.

UPDATE 3: Several real Southerners (unlike me, who have merely lived in Atlanta for two years) point out that “y’all” isn’t really used in the singular. I’ll point out that whether it does is controversial; but in any case, my statement didn’t derive from any actual Southern expertise; it was just my attempt to rationalize the otherwise nonsensical “Nominabamini, Romney”. If that fails, we have to go with “Nominabamini a Romney”, “Y’all were being nominated by Romney”, where the preposition “a” in the middle unfortunately breaks up the rhythm.

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