Congratulations to Sabrina Strong, Alison Fischer, Ryan Chin, and the UCLA Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic

When I blogged last week about Suradi v. Holder — the Ninth Circuit case that held that the Jordanian government acquiesces in “honor killings,” and that therefore barred the deportation of a Jordanian woman who claimed she faced a very high risk of being killed — I hadn’t realized that the case was won by our own UCLA School of Law Ninth Circuit Appellate Advocacy Clinic.

The lawyers on the case were Sabrina Strong and Alison Fischer of O’Melveny & Myers, and Ryan Chin, a UCLA Law student (who has since graduated). And the argument was split between Fischer and Chin, even though Chin was just a student at the time. Congratulations to them, and thanks also to Charlie Lifland and Victor Jih (also of O’Melveny & Myers), who co-teach the clinic.

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