ACS Panel on ACA

On Saturday, I spoke on a panel on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act at the annual convention of the American Constitution Society in DC. Other panelists included Dawn Johnson and Walter Dellinger. I was the only one of the 5 + moderator who took the position that the Act was unconstitutional. You can see for yourself how it went by watching the video. My remarks begin at 32:39, but the whole thing is worthwhile. Those who think the mandate is constitutional will enjoy the statements of its supporters and those who think it is unconstitutional will get to hear the other side. I found the exchange was a most cordial and productive one. Because I was the only panelist contending that the ACA was unconstitutional, I think I got to speak a bit more than the others. All in all, it was a very pleasant event, for which I thank the ACS.

For some reason the “embed” code on the ACS website is not functioning. So you can click through to view the video here. (If someone sends me an operational embed code, I will add it.)

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