Commemorating an End to Commemorative Resolutions

Thus far Republicans have kept their pledge to end the practice of passing commemorative legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Washington Post reports.  So this has been a year without a Congressional remembrance of the fabled battle of Marathon or Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.  Unlike last year, the House is not marking Independence Day passing resolutions honoring the flag or the bald eagle.  Some members are unhappy about this; Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) said it’s just wrong.  Other observers note the lack of symbolic resolutions makes it harder to hide the lack of substantive legislation.  It’s also worth keeping mind of the cost.  Though each resolution, by itself, did not cost much, they would add up.  Back in 1993, CRS cited estimates ranging from $340,ooo to $1 million per year, given the printing and other associated expenses.  Whatever else taxpayer dollars should be spent on, National Pi Day and National Beer Day are not it.

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