Wisconsin Senate Recall Primary Results [Update: All the Regular Democrats Win]

If you want to follow the results of Wisconsin’s Senate recall primary, you might go to the Journal-Sentinel’s site.

Early results show that the “real” Democratic candidates are beating the Republican-sponsored “fake” or “protest” Democratic candidates by about a 2-to-1 margin, except in District 14, where the real Democrat Fred Clark leads Rol Church by a still substantial 16% with 10% of precincts reporting.

UPDATE: With 3% reporting in District 8, the real Democrat, Sandy Pasch, is trailing Gladys Huber by 16%. The identities of the candidates in each race are set out here.

2D UPDATE: With 16% reporting in District 8, Sandy Pasch has taken a large 50% lead over Gladys Huber.

3D UPDATE: Only one race is now close: In District 10, the real Democrat, Shelly Moore, leads Isaac Weix by only 6%, with 35% [then 54%] of precincts reporting.

4TH UPDATE: Moore has extended the lead over Weix to 8% with 77% [then 84%] reporting.

5TH UPDATE: With 91% reporting, the Journal Sentinel calls the race for Moore, the real Democrat. Thus, all the regular Democrats appear to have won their primaries.

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