Blegs: Polling on Guns and Israel. The disarmament of the Welsh.

1. Does anyone know of any polling data which has data on whether Americans who have favorable, or strongly favorable, views of Israel are more likely to support Second Amendment rights, own guns, etc.? I suspect that this is case for non-Jewish Americans. Even for American Jews (who tend to support Israel, and to favor gun control) it would not surprise me if Jewish gun-owners are more pro-Israel than non-owners.

Please supply data, and feel free to comment on data that has been supplied by other commenters. But don’t use the comments just to speculate.

2. From Edmund Burke’s Mar. 22, 1775, speech to Parliament:

Sir, during that state of things, Parliament was not idle. They attempted to subdue the fierce spirit of the Welsh by all sorts of rigorous laws. They prohibited by statute the sending all sorts of arms into Wales, as you prohibit by proclamation (with something more of doubt on the legality) the sending arms to America. They disarmed the Welsh by statute, as you attempted, (but still with more question on the legality) to disarm New England by an instruction. They made an Act to drag offenders from Wales into England for trial, as you have done (but with more hardship) with regard to America.

Does anyone know of good sources discussing the attempted disarmament of the Welsh, and whether it was successful?

Commenters: please stay on topic.

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