The Washington Post‘s “What’s the Big Idea?” Item on Sasha’s Prison Voucher Work

Congratulations to Sasha on being featured in Friday’s “What’s the Big Idea?” item:

“Some of the same factors that led early education reformers to suggest school vouchers apply with equal, if not greater, force in the prison context,” Alexander Volokh writes in “Prison Vouchers,” an essay forthcoming in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

How might prison vouchers work? Volokh imagines that a “convicted defendant would receive a coupon, good for incarceration for the duration of his term, which he would be required to redeem at a participating prison.” This institution could be public or private — Volokh stresses that “choice is conceptually independent of privatization.”

Read the Post story for more, or, better yet, read Sasha’s posts on his article or perhaps even the article itself.

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