Norway and Terrorism

Barry Rubin:

Why should others not dream that the road to victory is paved with the corpses of murdered civilians? If terrorist murders by Hamas and Islamists did not stop well-intentioned future leaders of Norway from considering them heroic underdogs, an evil local man could think his act of terrorism would gain sympathy and change Europe’s politics.

After all, it has already changed the Middle East, and even been sanctified by Western media, intellectuals and governments.

When Norway’s ambassador to Israel tries to distinguish between “bad” terrorism in Norway and “understandable” terrorism against Israelis [the ambassador in question made the risible argument that Hamas terrorism against Israel is a result of “the occupation”], that opens the door to a man who thinks his country is “occupied” by leftists and Muslims.

Rubin’s piece apparently caused quite a stir in Norway, and he follows up here.

Note that Rubin goes out of his way to point out that he is no way justifying or excusing the murders in Norway, which is a lot more than one can say for Norway’s Hamas enablers.

I had similar thoughts, but never got around to blogging them.