AP: 4 of 6 Republicans Hold Seats in Wis. Recall; Republicans Retain Control of Wis. Senate

According to the AP, 4 Republican state senators in Wisconsin have been re-elected, while 2 have lost their seats to Democrats. The Republicans thus continue to hold a majority in that chamber of the Wisconsin legislature.

The last race to be called was in the 8th District. Twelve Milwaukee precincts seem to have been withheld for a very long time, leaving open the possibility of the Democrat (Pasch) overtaking the Republican (Darling). But other Wisconsin news outlets have collected results from almost all of the outstanding precincts and Darling’s lead is holding up (tip to HuffPo relaying counts of the Patch).

UPDATE (2am ET): All but one of the Milwaukee precincts have now reported and Darling’s lead remains substantial. It’s over . . . .

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