LawProf “Scam Blog”

A few years ago, law professor blogging behind a pseudonym was pretty common — remember Juan non-Volokh? Here’s a bit of a throw-back, then: Inside the Law School Scam, written by a professor who confesses that he is scamming his students by being a lazy teacher and terrible scholar but drawing a high salary. Or perhaps, more precisely, that a lot of other law professors are doing that.

In my view, some of the author’s posts are interesting but a lot of the claims are pretty hyperbolic. Plus, the idea of law professors blogging truthfully about being law professors is a large part of what law professor blogs have always been about, so I don’t quite get the “speaking truth to power” tone. Finally, the author’s particular perspective isn’t exactly new: Lawprof Jeff Harrison has been writing a somewhat similar blog for years, albeit with his name attached to it. But I figured some folks might find it interesting nonetheless.

Hat tip: Kim Krawiec.

UPDATE: Paul Horwitz has some very good thoughts on this over at Prawfs.

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