Taking a Look At Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s greatest asset as a candidate is the Lone Star state’s recent economic performance. Paul Krugman may not be impressed, but the Texas economy has boomed while the rest of the country has stalled, as this analysis shows. But can Perry take credit for it? Not necessarily. Megan McArdle is skeptical. Jason Sorens suggests Perry can only claim “a bit” of credit insofar as he has maintained the general policies that have made Texas a desirable location for businesses and taxpayers from other states. Gov. Perry himself, Tim Carney explains, is more “cowboy corporatist” than free marketeer. (See also here.) Given this approach to economic development, one could conclude Texas has boomed in spite of Perry’s policies as much (if not more) than because of them.

UPDATE: From the comments, a TNR article questioning Gov. Perry’s limited government credentials.

SECOND UPDATE: Rick Hills suggests the keys to Texas’ economic success are policies favored by libertarians, but not many contemporary conservatives.

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