Upcoming 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Upcoming Transhumanism-Triggered Second Coming of Jesus?

From a WorldNetDaily article:

Secret U.S. experiments to prompt 2nd Coming? …

Secret experiments now underway in the U.S. and elsewhere are sparking fears of a potential extinction-level event hastening the 2nd Coming of Jesus ….

The possibility of humans eradicating their own existence through technological advancement has some Christians cracking open their Bibles to see what Scripture has to say on the matter.

The 24th chapter of the Book of Matthew is often cited, as Jesus talked specifically about the end of the current human age, saying, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:21–22)

Britt Gillette, the Virginia-based Christian publisher of End Times Bible Prophecy, has been studying transhumanism in the light of Scripture, and says:

Taken in its original context, Jesus did not necessarily say that unless those days are shortened, “humanity will not survive.” Instead, he said unless those days are shortened, “no flesh will survive.”

If the transhumanist movement suceeds in transforming the human race into a race of “posthumans” who no longer need flesh covered bones to survive, then these words of Jesus take on an entirely different meaning.

And it doesn’t take an illogical leap of faith to draw this conclusion.

After all, it seems reasonable to assume that humanity will have to undergo some sort of radical transformation in order to plot a war against God Almighty. The arrogant impulse already exists. All that remains is the need for an exponential increase in human power which deludes humanity into believing it can overcome the Lord of lords.

And make no mistake about it, the Bible is clear that this is where humanity is ultimately headed – physical conflict with God:

“Then I saw the beast gathering the kings of the earth and their armies in order to fight against the one sitting on the horse and his army.” (Revelation 19:19, NLT)

That point of an actual war between mankind -– even if somewhat altered -– and the Creator is echoed by author Steve Quayle, who warned of the dangers of transhumanism in an April 2010 radio interview with Horn….

During the discussion with Quayle, Horn sounded ominous as he talked of “that future moment … that gives birth overnight to some version of the artillects (artificial intellects) who suddenly come online as conscious, living, synthetic superminds that are immensely more powerful than humans.”

“It appears, at least in my belief system,” he continued, “to be the billion-pound elephant standing in the middle of prophecy circles right now that the lion’s share of critical Christian thinkers don’t seem to be recognizing, or very few of them are waking up to it.”

“This is coming whether people want it to or not. It is so close to being unveiled. I’m not talking cosmologically close. I mean it is very close now. It could happen literally at any moment, and I think it carries magnificent prophetic themes around it. We’re literally talking about large-scale genetic, neurological re-engineering of humanity. … Anybody who thinks this is wishful thinking on the part of the transhumanists, just pick up your newspaper, get your newest science magazine and start reading.”

I should say that pragmatic concerns about the dangers posed by genetic technology, artificial intelligence, and the like can be quite sensible, though it’s also right to be concerned about the daily evils (e.g., early death) that these technologies could help overcome, as well as the near certainty that other countries will be exploring these fields, and that if we don’t we’re likely to be quickly conquered. My post here is not intended to dismiss such concerns.

UPDATE: I neglected to at first add the “as well as the near certainty” clause; thanks to commenter Reasoner for reminding me about this.

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