Alumni Resignations at Widener Law School Over Ammons/Connell Situation?

Professor WIlliam Jacobson has the story here, although right now the details remain vague. As I read Jacobson’s post, we know three things: (1) a member of the member of the Board of Overseers for Widener Law and a member of the Widener Law Campaign Subcommittee have very recently stepped down; (2) Jacobsen has seen what he believes is the text of the resignation letter of one of them, and he reports that ” it is clear that the resignation was in protest of Dean Linda Ammons’ handling of the Connell case and the sanctions imposed on Connell”; and (3) The author of the resignation letter appears to be a major donor to the law school, as documented by Professor Jacobson in his post. (Hat tip: Jonathan Adler)

It still surprises me that Dean Ammons has maintained total radio silence about what her perspective is on this situation. Widener Law School is looking terrible because of this story, and it’s going to be in the news for a long time. Dean Ammons’ refusal to speak on the matter only fuels the perception that this is all about her irrational overreaction, which can’t be good for the school.

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