A Good Supplement for a First-Year Torts Class?

Some of my students want to get a supplement for their first-year torts class, to get a fuller explanation of what we discuss in class. (They might also want a clearer explanation, though they may be too politic to say so — naturally, I try to be clear, but doubtless at times I don’t fully succeed.) Unfortunately, while I think I know a good deal about tort law, I’ve never tried to learn much about torts supplements.

If you’ve taken torts and used a supplement, can you please report in the comments on what you used, whether you liked it, why you liked it, and what work you think it did for you? Note that my readings are a mix of Farnsworth & Grady, Restatement sections, and my own materials, so there is no supplement that is already specially keyed to those readings. But we’re mostly covering the usual first-year torts mix — a bunch of intentional torts, negligence, products liability, and strict liability. I thank you, and my students will, too.

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