My Last Post as a Guest Blogger: Thanks and Adieu

This marks my last post as a guest-blogger for Volokh Conspiracy.  I am very grateful and honored that Eugene V. has allowed me the opportunity.

During the last week or two, I think I have caught the bug for blogging.  I can announce today that as of next Monday (Sept. 5) I will become one of the official bloggers for

Earlier in the week, I discussed a number of topics on which I planned to blog.  I covered all of those topics, except one:  my description of the anti-newsroom.   I’m sorry I didn’t get to that.  I hope to do so on Ricochet.  (But you can get that discussion by reading Chapter 11 of Left Turn.)  Also on Ricochet, I hope to respond to some of the criticisms of my media-bias work that have come from fellow social-science professors.

One reason that I did not cover the latter topics is that I spent more time than I expected responding to comments of VC readers and one VC blogger.

Throughout the week, I was reminded of the time when Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota.  The day after the election, a newspaper quoted a professional wrestler with whom Ventura had worked.  As best I can remember, here is the quote from that wrestler:  “Jesse actually wasn’t that great a wrestler.  What he was really good at was getting the audience into a screaming match against him.”

I think I may be the Jesse Ventura of bloggers.

While my blogging style may emulate a fake fighter, my first blog post at Ricochet will be about a real fighter, Manny Pacquiao.  Specifically, I will break a story (as best I can determine, no media outlet or blog has ever reported it) that involves Pacquiao, one of his sponsors, Nike, and one of the most moving sights I’ve ever seen.   I hope that many of you will follow me to Ricochet to read the story.