Rich, Dumb, Lazy (But Politically Active) Jews?

N.Y. Post:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing a new challenge: He’s having trouble raising money from some Jewish donors who mistakenly believe one of his opponents, Michele Bachmann, is Jewish.

Some Jewish donors are telling fund-raisers for Romney, a Mormon, that while they like him, they’d rather open their wallets for the “Jewish candidate,” who they don’t realize is actually a Lutheran, The Post has learned.

“It’s a real problem,” one Romney fund-raiser said. “We’re working very hard in the Jewish community because of Obama’s Israel problem. This was surprising.”

I have a hard time believing that there are Jews (or anyone) who are (a) rich enough to be solicited by the Romney campaign; (b) sufficiently interested in politics that they donate to political campaigns; (c) dumb enough not to be aware that Michelle Bachmann is not Jewish; and (d) too lazy to even read her Wikipedia entry.

I suspect that either the fund-raiser in question was pulling the reporters’ leg, or perhaps came up with a really lame off-the-cuff rationale for why he’s coming up short in soliciting Jewish donors.

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