Clark Neily (Institute for Justice) Guest-Blogging This Week

I’m delighted to report that Clark Neily of the Institute for Justice will be guest-blogging this week, about IJ’s “judicial engagement” project. IJ is one of the leading libertarian public interest law firms in the country, and I’ve always much respected their work.

As readers of this blog doubtless know, both conservatives and libertarians are split on the degree to which courts should act aggressively in reviewing legislation for constitutionality, as opposed to deferring to legislative action, especially in the area of so-called “substantive due process.” My sense is that different bloggers on this blog themselves disagree on this subject; and I suspect that I wouldn’t always agree with IJ’s broadest positions on this. But I much look forward to Clark’s explanation of IJ’s views, and I think our readers will find them interesting as well.

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