UCLA Law School Forum on the ICC – Discussion of the ICC and Prevention of International Crimes

UCLA Law School’s Sanela Daniela Jenkins Human Rights Project has a special joint online forum with the International Criminal Court office of the prosecutor, which is currently running commentary on the question of prevention, and how the ICC can maximize its crime prevention impact. It features contributions from a variety of experts from a variety of perspectives – Tomer Broude, Bill Burke-White, Richard Goldstone, David Scheffer, and me. The initiative is run by UCLA professor Richard Steinberg.

The forum can be found here. Readers are invited to post comments, and forum contributors are also invited to respond and undertake a discussion. The contributions on this crucial question are relatively short, readable essays, and should be of interest to the general public, students at the undergraduate and graduate level, journalists, public policy specialists and others. Congratulations to Professor Steinberg for pulling it together, and I am certainly honored to take part.

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