French Court Orders ISPs to Block Access to Site That “Allow[s] Civilians to Post Videos of Alleged Police Misconduct”

Jurist reports:

The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris [official website, in French] on Friday ordered [judgment in PDF, in French] French Internet service providers to block access to Copwatch Nord Paris I-D-F, a website designed to allow civilians to post videos of alleged police misconduct. The decision was applauded by the police union, Alliance Police Nationale (APN) [union website, in French], which argued that the website incited violence against police. Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of the APN, said that “[t]he judges have analyzed the situation perfectly — this site being a threat to the integrity of the police — and made the right decision.”

Visit the post for links; if Francophone readers can provide an extra perspective on the decision, I’d love to hear it.

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