A New Computer Crime Law Casebook — Clancy’s “Cyber Crime and Digital Evidence: Materials and Cases”

Many readers know that I am the author of a law school casebook on computer crime law: Computer Crime Law, published by West, now in its second edition.

I’m pleased to announce the publication of another casebook on computer crime law, Thomas K. Clancy’s Cyber Crime and Digital Evidence: Materials and Cases, published by Lexis-Nexis. Professor Clancy teaches at the University of Mississippi Law School (no, not that Tom Clancy), where he is the Director of the “National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law” — a center that among other things has a Cyber Crime initiative largely focused on state and local law enforcement and judicial training.

By my count, Professor Clancy’s book will become the third computer crime law casebook, although only the second that is updated regularly. ┬áIn 2003, Carolina Academic Press published David Loundy’s casebook, Computer Crime, Information Warfare, & Economic Espionage, although I believe it has not been updated since its initial publication.

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