Big Law Firm Blogging

Law Daily Blogger has a list of reasons “Why Big Firms Don’t Blog well.” Most of the reasons aren’t surprising, at least not to me. Big law firms do many things well, but they don’t really have a comparative advantage in blogging. The one revelation in the post is that so many big firms seem to have blogs (41% of the Amlaw 200, according to this 2009 study), despite all the reasons why those blogs are unlikely to succeed.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Law Daily Blogger site copied verbatim – and without attribution – a 2009 post by Mark Herrmann at the Drug and Device Law Blog. I have taken down the link to the LDB post so as not to reward them for their bad behavior. My apologies to Mr. Herrmann for failing to notice this egregious copying until he brought it to my attention.

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