Federalism Seminar Bleg

This is a query primarily intended for my fellow federalism scholars, though I welcome suggestions from others with relevant expertise:

I am currently in the process of revising my seminar on federalism for the Spring 2012 semester. To that end, I am considering adding a week on “Federalism and Economic Crisis.” Can you recommend any good, reasonably accessible articles that assess the impact of the economic crisis on federalism, especially with respect to the fiscal crisis that has hit states such as California? Articles on the impact of the crisis on federal systems in Europe might also be useful.

I am also looking for suggestions for topics that I could include that aren’t currently in the syllabus. Right now, I have classes devoted to the following subjects:

Federalism and the Founders

The Tiebout Model and Interstate Competition

Federalism and Economic Development

Fiscal Federalism

Federalism and Minority Rights

Federalism and the Environment

Federalism and Redistribution

Federalism and Judicial Review

Comparative Federalism

Federalism and Ethnic Conflict

Federalism and Secession

New Frontiers in Federalism (which considers various radical ideas, such as non-geographically determined federalism, and world government).

I am considering dropping a couple of these (redistribution and secession are possible candidates) and replacing them with new topics. Federalism and Economic Crisis is one possible addition. I have also considered, but probably won’t actually do, the perennial topic of federalism and corporate law. Suggestions for other possibilities are welcome. Perhaps there is a federalism topic I’m missing that everybody wants to know more about, but are afraid to ask!

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