Time Magazine: OWS Number 1 News Story of 2011?

Tempted though I am to crowd-source my Business Organizations exam and invite the Conspiracy commentariat to write it for me, I instead refer you briefly to this end-of-year list from Time Magazine, naming Occupy Wall Street as the most important news story of 2011.  (I suppose it is not completely clear whether being number one on the list of ten means most important, but that’s what it looks like to me, looking at how this and the rest of the top ten stories are written.)  Indeed, so important does Time see this story that they headline it, “Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread.”  OWS protests are spreading?  Regular readers know that I have particular views on the ideological and intellectual configuration of OWS, but leaving that aside, I invite comment on the question of whether, like OWS or hate it, you would agree with Time that this is the, or at least a very, top news story of 2011.  Alternative nominations also invited. Or you could draft my BA exam.