National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Discussion

I’ve pointed in the past couple of weeks to ‘must-read’ discussions of the NDAA at the Lawfare blog, by Benjamin Wittes, Robert Chesney, and more recently Steve Vladeck.  Now, in a cross post at Lawfare and Opinio Juris, Marty Lederman and Steve Vladeck weigh in with two substantial posts.  Their take-away is somewhat different from Wittes and Chesney’s, and I strongly commend them to you.  At OJ, Marty Lederman also has a guest post on the meaning of the signing statement that accompanied the President’s signature on the NDAA, and then there is a response post giving pushback on many of the basic international law assumptions in all of the above discussions from OJ’s Kevin Jon Heller.   (For my part, I will try to find a moment here to parse the answers given by several of the Republican presidential candidates to a New York Times inquiry on the lawfulness of the targeting of an American citizen, Anwar Al-Awlaki, in Yemen several months ago.)

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