Congratulations to my former GMUSL student and George Mason alum Josh Blackman, who will be a tenure-track lawprof at South Texas Law School starting this Fall. Congratulations also to Brian Frye, who was my research assistant when I visited at Georgetown Law Center in 2003. Brian will be starting a tenure-track gig at University of Kentucky this Fall. Brian joins former Bernstein RAs Jeffrey Jackson of Washburn Law School (from the same Georgetown semester) and Nate Oman of William and Mary (who helped me with You Can’t Say That! as a college student) in the legal academy.

Finally, congratulations to GMUSL alum and current George Mason visiting assistant professor Jeremy Kidd, who has accepted a tenure-track appointment at Mercer Law School. I think this is the first time George Mason has placed two alums in tenure-track academic posts in the same year.

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