The Joys of “Anonimus”

A week or two ago, I banned commenter “Anonimus,” who had become kind of famous in VC threads for his steady stream of insults to other commenters. It won’t surprise regular readers of comment threads that Anonimus hasn’t been deterred by his banning: After making the usual complaints that he was the victim of censorship, Anonimus kept commenting and insulting other commenters as before. And when I kept deleting his contributions, he eventually just switched to a new name, “Dissentus,” albeit with all the recognizable style (and IP address) used by Anonimus.

Anyway, please don’t respond to Anonimus, Dissentus, or whatever name he’ll use next. I’ll eventually get around to deleting his comments, and I’ll delete any that respond to him, too. Thanks.

UPDATE: Having called him out by “name,” it seems unsporting not to let Anonimus comment on this thread (which he has done about a dozen times already despite the ban, appropriately enough!). So I’ll let him comment in this thread, and readers who are interested in why Anonimus does what he does are invited to ask him directly and offer their thoughts.

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