Another Conviction in Europe for Insulting Religion


A Polish pop star has been fined 5000 zloty (1140 euro) by a Warsaw court for offending religious feelings.

Dorota Rabczewska, known to the public as Doda, was taken to court owing to an interview she gave for the Gazeta Dziennik Prawna daily in 2009. In the interview, the singer lamented that there were no references to dinosaurs in the Bible, and said it was “hard to believe in something written by someone who was hammered on wine and who’d been smoking herbs.”

The Warsaw Business Journal adds:

[T]he judge in the case, Agnieszka Jarosz, ruled that the artist’s statements could not be defended by an appeal to freedom of speech. She said Ms Rabczewska had the right “to assess [the content of the Bible] in the context of scientific discovery but had no right to insult” the religious text.

For more on this case, see this post from when the case was filed.