Upcoming Talks

For those interested, I’ll be giving a variety of talks in the coming weeks, including the following:

  • I’ll be speaking to the University of Michigan Law School Federalist Society chapter on “The Individual Mandate Litigation and the Future of Federalism,” Jan. 25 at 12:00pm, 120 Hutchins Hall.
  • I’ll be debating the constitutionality of the individual mandate with David Orentlicher of Indiana at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law’s  28th Annual Jefferson P. Fordham Debate, Feb. 6 as 12:15pm.
  • I’ll be debating Professor Neil Wise on EPA regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act to the Rutgers-Camden chapter of the Federalist Society, Feb. 8.
  • I’ll be discussing EPA regulation under the Clean Air Act with Stephanie Tai before the Madison, Wisconsin lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society, Feb. 22.

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