SOPA Debate on Tuesday

For those of you who might be in and around Philadelphia this coming Tuesday (Jan. 31), I’ll be debating with Justin Hughes of Cardozo Law School at a Temple Law School Federalist Society event about the recently introduced (and even-more-recently withdrawn) copyright legislation (SOPA and PIPA). More details about the event can be found here and here. It should be an interesting event; Justin and I have very, very different views about these bills — he was a consultant, I believe, to the House Committee that drew them up, and I think they’re the Devil’s handiwork — and I think there will be both heat and light shed on the issues (both of which are required of a good debate). Plus, I think this is an issue that cuts through a very interesting line through what might roughly be called the political “right” — between the property rights conservatives and the free-speech libertarians — so there are interesting meta-issues on display. We’re expecting a good crowd — there’s nothing like a day-long Wikipedia blackout to get folks interested in online copyright matters — and it should be a lively affair.

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