Reader Poll on Tasing of OccupyDC Protester

Yesterday afternoon, at the OccupyDC protest in Washington, DC, a police officer tased a protester. As I understand it, the police were putting notices around the protest site that all camping supplies had to be removed because the site was no longer going to be made available for the protest. A protester in a red shirt proceeded to tear down the notices after the police left them, and he is heard screaming at the police: “Let them clean up the trash in the fucking parkway! It was your fucking trash, you fucking pigs!” The police then walked after the protester, who ran away from the police. A bunch of officers then surrounded the man, who started repeating that he had done nothing wrong. Two officers then went to grab him, but he resisted; after he continued to resist, a third officer tased him. Here’s the video:

And here’s the question, which you should answer only after having watched the video:

Did the officer who tased the protester act appropriately under the circumstances?
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