2013 US News Law School Rankings

are up on USN’s website a bit early.  I’ve grown weary of all the hoopla around U.S. News, but here they are for what there worth.  The one thing that stands out is that Arizona State somehow managed to propel itself to number 26. Comment away.  Please keep in mind, though, that US News ranking should at most be a guide to the general reputation of law schools, with a significant margin of error.  For the vast majority of prospective law students, the most important criteria to narrow down law school choice should be where you want to practice, followed by how much debt you are willing to take on.  And I’ll repeat the advice I’ve given before: incoming students’ LSAT scores, reflecting an objective indication of the decisions of tens of thousands of law students, is the best overall indication of how desirable a law school is.  But individual circumstances vary, and, for example (to choose a random example), a student who can’t stand smallish towns and wants to live in the San Diego area after graduation is almost certainly better off going to USD than to, say, Indiana University.