Koch v. Cato – Levy Responds

I had not planned to post more on the Koch-Cato kerfuffle, barring meaningful developments.  This morning, however, I received notice of a statement by Cato Institute Chairman Bob Levy responding to the statement by Charles Koch released last week.  It is a lengthy and powerful reply that goes far beyond his interview with Skip Oliva.  It is filled with detail about key events and other verifiable facts.  This is the sort of information necessary to evaluate the competing claims about each side’s actions and intent, and is the sort of information that was conspicuously absent from the Koch statement.  Levy’s statement, assuming it accurately recounts events, also makes a compelling case that the Kochs are after control of Cato above all else. Nothing I have yet seen from the Kochs or their representatives (on-the-record or otherwise) demonstrates otherwise, though I will try to keep an open mind on this point.

As before, I will update this post with any updates or substantive responses I come across.

UPDATE: Skip Oliva catches Cato conspicuously revising the text on its lawsuit website.

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