Interesting Example of How the Possibility of Surveillance Interferes With Free Expression

From the New York Times, Spring Break Gets Tamer as World Watches Online. An excerpt:

[S]pring break here . . . has been Facebooked into greater respectability. It is a trend that veteran spring breakers here say is true of spring break in general. . . . Even bartenders here have noticed a certain taming of the spring break crew.

“They are very prudish,” said Margaret Donnelly, 28, a bartender at Tattoos and Scars who has lived in Key West for four years and remembers her own student antics “They are so afraid everyone is going to take their picture and put it online. Ten years ago people were doing filthy, filthy things, but it wasn’t posted on Facebook.”

By way of example, Ms. Donnelly said, there are far fewer wet T-shirt contests — a spring break mainstay — in town today. By her count, Tattoos and Scars is the only bar that offers one, and only once a week.

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link.

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