Discussion: Obligations of Interracial Couples and Mixed-race Individuals

New York Times op-ed:

Mixed-race blacks have an ethical obligation to identify as black — and interracial couples share a similar moral imperative to inculcate certain ideas of black heritage and racial identity in their mixed-race children, regardless of how they look.

The reason is simple. Despite the tremendous societal progress these recent changes in attitude reveal in a country that enslaved its black inhabitants until 1865, and kept them formally segregated and denied them basic civil rights until 1964, we do not yet live in an America that fully embodies its founding ideals of social and political justice.

As the example of President Obama demonstrates par excellence, the black community can and does benefit directly from the contributions and continued allegiance of its mixed-race members, and it benefits in ways that far outweigh the private joys of freer self-expression.

I’m always skeptical of arguments that one’s children should be used for political and social ends rather their flourishing being treated as the primary parental goal.  But I’m curious as to what VC readers think about the various points embedded in the author’s argument.

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