Louisiana Legislature Considering Strengthening the State Right to Keep and Bear Arms Provision

The provision now reads, “The right of each citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged, but this provision shall not prevent the passage of laws to prohibit the carrying of weapons concealed on the person”; SB 303 would propose a constitutional amendment that would instead say,

The right of each citizen to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer, and use arms for defense of life and liberty, and for all other legitimate purposes is fundamental and shall not be denied or infringed, and any restriction shall be subject to strict scrutiny.

For more on what “strict scrutiny” might mean in this context, and on other possible constitutional tests, see Eugene Volokh, Implementing the Right To Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense: An Analytical Framework and a Research Agenda, 56 UCLA Law Review 1443 (2009). Thanks to Bill Rafferty (Gavel to Gavel) for the pointer.