10 Years

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Volokh Conspiracy, which was founded on April 10, 2002 as the Volokh Brothers blog. I thought I’d use this occasion to thank everyone who has helped make this blog work — all my coconspirators, past and present; our readers; our commenters; and our tech people (Integer Media and, earlier, Chris Lansdown). This blog wouldn’t be what it is without you.

As to my coconspirators, I wanted to pass along this story, which I heard in a somewhat different context from my former boss, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski:

Many years ago I saw [Jack] Benny as a guest on Johnny Carson — or maybe it was Joey Bishop — and he was asked: “When you have guests on your show, do you mind it if they get more laughs than you?” Benny’s answer was: “Certainly not. Every laugh they get on my show is my laugh too.”

Every day, I feel proud to have your work on my — our — show.

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