Koch v. Cato Round II – A Second Koch Lawsuit

On Tuesday, Charles and David Koch filed a second lawsuit against the Cato Institute objecting to a decision by the Institute’s Board of Directors to expand the size of the Board and reappoint four board members who had been removed when the Kochs installed new board members earlier this year.  Here’s a WaPo story on the suit.  The relevant documents are available on Cato’s website here.  The attachments to Charles Koch’s affadavit are of particular interest.

I may have more to say about this later. In the meantime, here are a few other recent items of interest:

I also found this “open letter” from Cato’s Michael Cannon to be a quite powerful statement of what’s at stake.

Given that Cato’s current leadership has previously agreed to being the search for Ed Crane’s successor, and to give the Koch brothers a veto over any potential replacement, I’m still hoping for a settlement that can save Cato as an independent voice for liberty.

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