IHS Online Conference for Aspiring Legal Academics

If you are a law student interested in pursuing a career as a legal academic, you may be interested in the Institute for Humane Studies’ upcoming online program for aspiring legal scholars: a series of online lectures on various topics related to getting into legal academia that will be followed by question and answer sessions. There will be a total of five one hour sessions held on weekday nights in May. The lecturers include VC bloggers David Bernstein, Todd Zywicki, and myself, as well as Chapman law professor Tom Bell and Lee Otis, director of the Federalist Society’s Faculty Division. My own talk, scheduled for May 9, is on the subject of “How to Make the Most of Your Time in Law School.” Since IHS is a libertarian organization, some of the advice we offer is specific to libertarians seeking careers in legal academia. But most of it is likely to apply more broadly.

You can sign up for one or more of the sessions here. Participation is free for anyone who is a law student interested in pursuing a career in legal academia. But you must sign up by Friday April 27.

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