AEI’s Greve to George Mason Law School

I’m pleased to announced that Michael Greve, currently the John G. Searle Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, has accepted an offer to join the George Mason law faculty starting this Fall. His interests include federalism (on which he has written a brilliant new book), business regulation, environmental law, and more. I’ve known Mike and admired his work for years, and am excited that he will soon be my GMUSL colleague.

UPDATE: And while we’re on the subject of Greve, here’s his recent blog post about being the metaphorical “shabbos goy” at a Yale Law School conference on Jack Balkin’s new book. And since bloggers too often spend all their time complaining and criticizing, let me second Mike’s comment that Jack is “the most spirited, generous, smartest, funnest guy you can hope to meet in a habitually dorky profession” [with no offense intended to any actual law professor dorks.]

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