“Obama Has Become More Hostile to Medical Marijuana Patients than Any President in U.S. History”

The Marijuana Policy Project’s Rob Kampia writes:

During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama raised hopes among those who support medical marijuana by pledging to respect state laws on the issue. But his administration has reversed course and massively escalated the federal government’s attacks on medical marijuana businesses, most of which are legal under their states’ laws.

Further, Kampia argues, President Obama’s Administration is more hostile to medical marijuana than any previous occupant of the White House.

The five presidents from Richard Nixon through George H.W. Bush allowed medical marijuana research to proceed unhindered.

The three presidents from Jimmy Carter to George H.W. Bush allowed patients to apply to the federal government for waivers to use medical marijuana legally under federal law.

Obama appears to be to the right of Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Ronald Reagan and even George W. Bush on this issue. It’s hard to imagine how this helps Obama politically, and it’s easy to imagine how forcing patients to purchase their medicine from an illicit provider instead of a regulated business hurts people who are suffering from cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

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