Consulting on the Aaron Walker / Brett Kimberlin Case

I’m pleased to say that I’ll be consulting with Aaron Walker’s defense lawyer in the case I discussed last week, in which a Maryland judge issued a “peace order” — in other states, generally called a “restraining order” — that the judge seemed to interpret as limiting Aaron Walker’s blogging about Brett Kimberlin. (See, e.g., this audio recording, starting at 46:01.)

I should note that I was approached to participate in this case only after my earlier post on the subject, which was written in my capacity as a blogger and an academic who is writing about such questions, not a lawyer. Naturally, if I blog further about this case in the future, I will note my participation in it as a lawyer.

UPDATE: Whoops, sorry, meant to say this, but forgot until a commenter reminded me — I’m participating in the case without pay.

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