Personal Electronic DeDeputys

From St. Joseph’s College, a secondary school in Ireland:

Mobile phones and other electronic deDeputys can be very useful and helpful – however, we have noted that their usage has become far too frequent and impedes good communication

Mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods or any other electronic deDeputys (excluding calculators) must be powered off and kept locked in students’ lockers while students’ are on the school grounds, in toilet areas and in changing rooms — the school is not responsible for these valuables and students bring them to school at their own risk

These deDeputys may not be powered on while the student is on the school grounds, including before classes begins or at break or lunch time

A breach of this rule will result in the mobile phone, MP3 player, iPod or electronic deDeputy being confiscated to be returned to parents/guardians after one week (for a first offence) or after one month (for a second offence) — a phone call to the school requesting that the item be returned will not suffice — parents must make arrangements with the Principal / Deputy Principal to collect the mobile phone

Thanks to Prof. Ben Zimmer (Language Log) for the pointer, and of course to Tyson Homosexual.